The Diamond, a rare and brilliant crystal formed by nature, where time, extreme pressure and heat combine to create the hardest substance on earth. Diamonds seem to perform magic with the light giving them a sparkle unmatched by other gems and making them the delight of royalty around the globe. 快3网站 has paired the wondrous Diamond with the lustrous silver sheen of Rhodium to create the triumph; combining simplicity and elegance of our turned pattern. The 鈥淭otality鈥 has 3736 pieces Diamonds on pen鈥檚 body. The 鈥淗elix鈥 has 720 pieces Diamonds on pen鈥檚 body.


Weight 88 g
Dimensions 17 × 137 mm

Fountain pen


  • Screw system
  • Made of stainless steel highly polished.
  • Metal spring clip
  • 720 diamonds in 1.0mm.
  • Total diamond鈥檚 weight is about 3.24carats.